Welcome to After Empire!

After Empire is a collaborative project that has been in the works for 4 years. Starting as a small study group, we met weekly to deepen our understanding of revolutionary politics and develop our capacity for collective action.

Two years ago, we wrote an After Empire Declaration. In response to the war in Ukraine, we produced a statement: Ending the Imperialist War in Ukraine. After spending years developing first principles and deep unity, we are prepared to engage in open political struggle.

Here is our pledge, join us:

We unite with people around the world in their deep desire for peace.

We oppose wars that continue the politics of exploitation and oppression. 

It is right to fight for liberation.

We owe no loyalty to the defenders of empire.

We will not join our nation’s rulers in antagonizing their imperial rivals.

We will fight the real enemy.

We pledge to no longer simply resist, but to transform resistance into construction.

We pledge to forge a world beyond empire.

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After Empire seeks to unite with all people who desire a liberated society.


Revolution is necessary, possible, and desirable.
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